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  • Fall 2014 Shooting Match Results

  • Federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program
    The Kansas Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (KCJCC) is pleased to announce the availability of grant funds for the Federal Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Program. The FY 2014 BVP funds may be used only toward the purchase of approved vests and can fund up to 50 percent of the purchase cost.  More Information...

  • High-quality Trainers Needed
    The Governor’s Advisory Council on Domestic Violence Training is seeking qualified trainers to join regional training teams and provide domestic violence training in Kansas.  More Information...

KPOA President Richard Powell

Richard PowellI’d like to begin my term as President of the KPOA by thanking each and every one of you for your support of this organization. As the oldest professional law enforcement association in Kansas, Kansas Peace Officers Association has a rich history, dating back to 1916, of providing support to law enforcement. I am both humbled and proud to be a part of KPOA.

As your president I intend to honor the historical perspectives of the group, while at the same time, lead this group to adopt progressive new ideas that continue to support law enforcement in communities statewide. We must draw on all available resources and ideas at a time when the daily operations of law enforcement agencies pose many challenges.

Some of the challenges we seem to continually address include: the reality of sustained budget constraints; complying with unfunded mandates; the need for operational changes to comply with court decisions and legislative direction. Some of these changes may involve instituting change to the basic fundamental operation of law enforcement organizations, while others may entail a review of, or addition to current training requirements for staff.

Kansas law enforcement has always been known to ‘play well in the sand box’ with all levels of local, state and federal agencies. It is important that we continue our legacy of mutual support in the face of the many common challenges we all share. We can be proud of the synergism created by such positive relationships as we focus on our common goals of strong law enforcement principles.

The creation and maintaining of these relationships and addressing the challenges of today’s law enforcement across Kansas require active participation by KPOA members. As we have heard time and time again, active membership is the key to our future. Your attendance at district meetings, the KPOA conference, and KPOA sponsored training events is vital to maintaining our organization’s heritage. I challenge each and every member to become acquainted with the various KPOA committees, officer and board positions and the KPOA districts across Kansas. There are abundant opportunities to serve within our organization while representing Kansas law enforcement. Hand in hand with active membership comes recruitment of new KPOA members. We should strive to keep our membership roster robust by inviting eligible non-members to KPOA events whenever possible.

In closing, I want to acknowledge every KPOA member for your support of me and our organization. Our diverse membership includes a well balanced cross section of many Sheriff’s Offices, local police departments, and numerous other state and federal agencies. This representation of such a varied group of law enforcement professionals across Kansas truly defines our organization… the Kansas Peace Officers Association.

Thank you for being a part of our KPOA. I look forward to serving you during the upcoming year."