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Police Captain, Bonner Springs Police Department

Under supervision of the Chief of Police, the Captain - Field Services Bureau is an exempt position under FLSA which performs a variety of routine and complex police work in the administration of the Police Department. Assigns, directs and reviews activities of all Field Services personnel and must be able to work in close concert with the Investigations Bureau Captain. This employee may assume command of the department in the absence of the Chief or as assigned.  Excellent communication, organizational, supervisory, reasoning, and public relations skills are required.


  • Performs operational command and assigns and reviews work of Field Services Bureau personnel.

  • Assigns staff to patrol needs as well as special functions and keeps patrol personnel advised of criminal or suspected criminal activities.

  • Supervises, directs subordinates and keeps informed on active operational needs.

  • Assumes command of major operational incidents until relieved.

  • Reviews field personnel reports and directs reports to other law enforcement staff as required or deemed necessary.

  • Reviews and forwards documents related to fugitive apprehension, warrants, and mental patient transports.

  • May perform internal administrative investigations on department personnel. 

  • Properly documents, coordinates, communicates, and maintains professional investigation files.

  • Oversees the Bonner Springs Police Department's K9 Resource to ensure all training and legal requirements are met for the resource.

  • Oversees the Bonner Springs Police Department's Field Training Program and on boarding of new employee's.

  • Oversees all  Bonner Springs Police Department's equipment and inventory. Makes recommendations to the Chief of Police for replacement and upgrades.

  • Responsible for scheduling, vehicle maintenance, and all department technologies.

  • Acts as the Investigative Services Captain in the absence of the Investigative Services Captain.


  • Exhibits behavior consistent with mission, vision, and strategic direction of the City of Bonner Springs.

  • Develops and supports long and short-term direction of the department through progressive strategic planning and departmental goal setting that is responsive to the needs of the community.

  • Provides teaching, mentoring, and motivation to other employees within the department through the sharing of knowledge, skills, and information; is proactive in performing and improving his/her work and suggests and participates in projects and activities to improve the function of the Department and entire organization.

  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence in day-to-day work, decision making, and problem solving.

  • Oversees, initiates, and suggests actions to improve departmental and City operations, employee performance, morale, and work methods.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to provide and require excellent customer service through cooperative team and individual efforts.


  • Provides suggestions, advice, and support to Police Chief, other City employees, employee teams, and the City's customers.

  • Communicates the City's mission, vision, and strategic direction through words and actions.

  • Creates and maintains effective communication within the department, with other City departments, outside organizations and the general public.

  • Works cooperatively with all City employees toward common goal of providing high-quality services.

  • Exhibits excellent interpersonal and human relationship skills.


  • Participates in development and mentoring of staff to achieve a cohesive work unit consistent with City's mission, vision, and strategic direction.

  • Accountable for the delivery of quality services and work product as a part of the overall departmental and City-wide strategic direction, goals, and objectives.

  • Contributes to a superior work culture through participation in training and mentoring to develop leadership, management, and technical skills in all employees.

  • Effectively manages multiple assignments and priorities to ensure the fulfillment of projects, tasks, and responsibilities.

  • Suggests and carries out procedures to assure the highest standards of risk management, employee safety, and risk avoidance.


  • Supervise Sergeants and Officers.

  • Assume responsibilities of Chief in his or her absence or as directed.

  • Oversee aspects of the department's budget and operational expenditures.

  • Assist in the preparation and administration of the department budget.

  • Research, write, implement, and review department policies and procedures.

  • Oversee and supervise investigation of criminal law violations within the department's jurisdiction.

  • Investigate, or assign and oversee investigations of citizen and departmental complaints.

  • Make personnel assignments and supervise the coordination and scheduling of personnel.

  • Review written reports for clarity, accuracy and completeness.

  • Determine personnel deployment practices for emergencies including tactical, field situations, and ongoing criminal investigations.

  • Conduct evaluations and counsel employees on disciplinary and job performance matters.

  • Prepare reports, record, review and evaluate various departmental programs and operations.

  • Analyze, recommend improvements to, and assist in maintenance of equipment and facilities.

  • Coordinate and supervise the training, assignment and development of subordinate personnel.

  • Determine case priorities, observe member activities to ensure department standards are met.

  • Testify credibly in a court of law

TYPE:  Full Time


$30.12 - $43.07 Hourly

$2,409.60 - $3,445.60 Biweekly

$5,220.80 - $7,465.47 Monthly

$62,649.60 - $89,585.60 Annually


Experience:  Minimum of five years of progressive law enforcement responsibility, at least two years of which must be at a supervisory level in law enforcement. The employee should have received or obtained high levels of law enforcement technical and application experience during the course of their prior tenure, to include advanced specialized training in various subject matters of law enforcement.  


Education:  A Bachelor's degree in corrections, criminal justice, mental health, human behavior, business management or related field is required.


License/Certification:  The employee must have a valid driver's license.  Graduation from a recognized Law Enforcement Training Center is required.


Technical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  A thorough knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, investigative techniques, interview and crime scene search techniques, law enforcement techniques, computer applications, and a working knowledge of mathematics is required.  This employee must be able to operate patrol vehicles, computers, firearms, radio equipment, cameras, surveillance equipment, and other law enforcement equipment.  Must have the ability to prepare and administer a budget.  The ability to establish successful working relationships with entities, employees, City officials, businesses and the public, and use good professional judgment, honesty, and integrity in decision making. The ability to train and supervise subordinate personnel; perform investigations; train and enhance the capabilities of all operational staff, gather and preserve evidence; understand and anticipate problems; enforce applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances; and interpret written instructions, maps, manuals, and reports is required.  This employee must possess excellent public relations, supervisory, organizational, financial, analytical, verbal and written communication skills. This employee must have the ability to testify credibly in a court of law.



CLOSING DATE:  03/30/2018