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Police Officer, Norton Police Department

The City of Norton was incorporated in 1872 and is a growing, progressive community located in Northwest Kansas with a population of 2,841. It is the county seat of Norton County, which has a population of 5,550. (Population certified to the Secretary of State by the Division of the Budget on July 1, 2016.) Cost of living is comparable to other cities in the area.

Due to its size and location the City of Norton has a vibrant business community.  It also has an active Chamber of Commerce which promotes interaction between the business and local community. It has several significant events which it hosts every year and is well attended by the local population and out of town visitors.

Information for Prospective Candidates:
The Norton Kansas Police Department is a small agency located in Northwest Kansas. It consists of a Chief of Police, a Deputy Chief, Field Training Officer and three patrol officers. The department is currently in the process of updating equipment to promote the highest level of efficiency.

In addition to updated equipment every officer has a take home car. Officers must be able to respond from their home within a 15 minute time frame. This response time is necessary due to having occasional callouts.

The Norton Police Department currently operates in 10 hours shifts in a manner of four on and three off.  On occasion an officer’s schedule might be impacted due to training, vacation or sick leave. A shift differential is paid for evening and midnight shift.

The agency is led by a Chief of Police who has approximately 40 years of experience. The working atmosphere is very informal and led from the perspective of a team environment as opposed to a rank structure. Each and every officer has an opportunity to provide input into the operation of the agency when the situation allows.

Activity is varied. Every officer faces the same challenges as an officer in a large metropolitan agency but on a smaller scale. Calls for service are worked by each individual officer to the level necessary for prosecution or inactivation.

Officers have complete ownership of every case they work. They are encouraged to work their case from the viewpoint of a detective. They collect evidence, conduct interviews and obtain search warrants when necessary. They receive guidance at every level of the investigation, if requested.

Major investigations are conducted with a team approach. The lead officer directs the investigation but will staff it with other officers who can offer advice or make suggestions as to the direction of the investigation.

The Norton Police Department works closely with the Norton County Sheriff’s Department, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Department of Corrections and other surrounding agencies.

Working for the Norton Police Department allows the prospective candidate to work with a Chief who leads by example and supports his staff. Every officer receives support and guidance in their job performance and professional development in an effort to enhance their career.

The department is community orientated and involvement in the local community is strongly encouraged through participation in organizations or community projects.

The Norton Police Department is an agency which strives to take the lead in providing professional, competent police service to the community they serve. Policing a small community is challenging but offers advantages on numerous levels.

If you would like a sense of community and comradery, coupled with professional and personal growth while having a positive impact in the community you serve, then the Norton Kansas Police Department is for you.

I encourage you to apply and become a part of a great team and a great department.

Gerald C. Cullumber
Chief of Police

TYPE:  Full Time

SALARY:   Salary Range:  Starting Salary $31,822
               Top End $65,000

Starting salary may be adjusted based on qualifications and certifications. When approved by council, a two percent annual cost of living increase will be added to you salary.

Benefits include take home car, overtime, shift differential pay, sick leave, vacation, health insurance, retirement plan, uniforms and equipment.


Applicants must possess a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate and valid driver’s license, and be able to complete aptitude, background and psychological exams.

Tattoos are accepted as long as they are not deemed offensive in nature.

No marijuana usage within the last two years.
No hard drug usage within the last five years.
(Hard drugs are defined as Methamphetamine, Cocaine, XTC, any Opiate, etc.)
History or evidence of selling or dealing in illegal drugs.
A conviction or granted diversion on any person(s) crime.
Any Felony Conviction.
Conviction or diversion on any crime involving a Moral Turpitude.
Driving history which resulted in suspension of driving privileges within the last three years.
No conviction or granted diversion of DUI as an Adult.

Submit application
Review of applications
Oral Board
Psychological Screening
Interview with Chief and Deputy Chief
Conditional Job Offer
Hire Date

For applications, contact Chief of Police Gerald Cullumber, P.O. Box 160, Norton, KS 67654, or call 785-877-5000.  Position open until filled.  E.O.E.

Applications can be printed at:  http://cityofnorton.com/2168/Employment-Opportunities

CLOSING DATE:  Until Filled