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The Kansas Peace Officers Association maintains an active role in all legislation affecting law enforcement through a Legislative Committee and Professional Legislative Liaison in Topeka.

Legislative Liaison Ed Klumpp

Our Legislative Liaison

Ed Klumpp, Chief of Police-Retired, Topeka Police Department, serves as a lobbyist for law enforcement matters representing the Kansas Peace Officers Association, the Kansas Sheriff's Association, and the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. He also serves as the KCJIS Committee representative and the Kansas Traffic Records Coordinating Committee representative for the Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police. He served on the Kansas DUI Commission and co-chaired the Kansas Criminal Code Re-codification Commission.

Ed maintains a website where you can find information on matters affecting law enforcement being considered in the Kansas Legislature. Up to date status and explanations of bills are also available and there is a page with summaries of past legislative sessions and links to state resources relating to legislation.

Current Kansas Legislative Sessions

NOTICE:  Members now have the ability to comment on Legislative Posts and matters related to pending legislation.  Comments will be monitored and removed if inappropriate, offensive, inflammatory or not related to the subject matter.

  • 02/19/2021 11:00 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

    Week 6 (February 19, 2021) Kansas Legislative Update

    We are nearing the end of the first half of the session. The inclement weather resulted in fewer hearings taking place. The deadline for filing bills other than in exempt committees has now passed, so the list of new bills is now small. You can see the list of bills of interest published this week at this link.

    The association presented testimony the past week to various committees on 2 bills.

    • Provided follow-up information to the House Judiciary Committee to clarify misperceptions of the information provide to them in a hearing on Monday we did not testify on.
    • Supporting HB2299 increasing the time to serve a search warrant from 96 hours to 10 days.

    Other Key News This Week

    The following bill are key bills that moved forward this week.
    • SB58 , the fraudulent lien bill passed the Senate 39-0.
    • HB2093, the auto theft/attempt to elude bill passed out of committee with 2 out of 3 of our amendments. They added the felony provision for crossing into oncoming traffic and a sentencing clarification the prosecutors asked for. They did not accept our proposal to make auto thefts with value under $1500 a felony.
    • HB2063, the bill correcting a provision in KP&F laws reducing death benefits in some cases where a person dies from a duty related injury after being placed in disability retirement, passed the House 125-0.

    Next week is the last full week of hearings before the mid-point of the session. That means lots of hearings we will be providing testimony in. You can see the list of hearings at this link.

    Some of the bills we will be testifying on next week:

    • Opposing HB2349 making changes to the Offender Registry Act
    • Supporting HB2281 creating the “988” phone number to reach mental health crisis help.
    • Supporting HB2405 a KPERS bond issue that would reduce the unfunded actuarial liability, recommending using part of the funds for a cost of living increase for current retirees.
    • Supporting HB2365 offering immunity of prosecution of simple possession violations for those giving assistance to a person suffering an OD.
    • Supporting SB100 a bill amending some of the DL suspension rules for non-appearance or fail to pay fines.
    • Opposing HB2184 legalizing medical marijuana.
    • Supporting HB2389 allowing an NTA to be used in district courts for possession of marijuana charges. (Note: the law already allows this in municipal courts.)
    • Supporting SB225 allowing the KS WP&T Officers to be in KP&F.

    There were 10 new bills of law enforcement interest introduced this week, bringing the total to 202 bills on our watch list. None of those bills are of high interest to us, leaving that total at 55 bills. You can see the full list of these bills and their current status at this link.

    Don’t miss other law enforcement information and news posted at www.KsLawEnforcementInfo.com

  • 06/30/2020 1:51 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

    The final reports of the 2020 Legislative Session, including the Special Session are now available.

    See the Full Report at this link.

    See the 5 Things Every Officer Must Know Report at this link.

    See the 5 Things Every Administrator Must Know Report at this link.

  • 01/29/2020 4:28 PM | Ed Klumpp (Administrator)

    The Legislative Division of Post Audit released its study today of the Juvenile Justice Reform.

    You can see the overview page at:

    The full report is at:

    Ed Klumpp
    Legislative Liaison
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